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My favorite verse:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Philippians 4:13

  • Disappointment

    Right now, as the world is struggling with disappointments and feeling discouraged, I wanted to share a little bit of encouragement. 💛


    I’m sure you can remember a time when your plans went nothing like you had imagined. There have been so many times where I’ve played out in my head exactly how everything was supposed to go, only to have my expectations be crushed by reality. The disappointment sinks in and I’m left wondering what went wrong.


    We live in a world full of disappointments and sometimes it can be rough. It’s so easy to get caught up in life’s disappointments when things don’t go as we planned. But y’all, when we let the disappointments outweigh all of God’s promises, we miss out on what He has in store for us.


    We walk around claiming that we trust God’s plan despite the disappointments saying, “Thy Will Be Done” while secretly holding onto control instead of giving it to God. Hoping and wishing that God’s will for our lives will match our own. But when we hold onto control too tightly, we completely miss what God has for us.


    A couple weeks ago, there were a couple days where I was just feeling down and disappointed. I was disappointed in circumstances. I was disappointed in people. And I was just really disappointed with the world we live in. That night as I was spending time with God, I heard Him whisper Romans 8:28 to me.

     “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  Y’all. God shows up every single time. He is continually reminding me that His plan is so much bigger and greater than any of us could ever imagine. Even in the times that we feel let down and discouraged, God is working things out for good. God’s in control. God’s got this.


    Y’all. When we set our hearts on circumstances or people, we are going to end up disappointed every single time. But God never disappoints. While the world is always going to let us down, God never will.


    And sometimes, the things we want may not be what we need in that moment or at all. How often do we get wrapped up in the wants only to be disappointed when it doesn’t become a reality? We end up sulking in our disappointments, thinking that we are missing out, when God is just protecting us. Because as humans, we tend to think that we know what’s best for us. But we don’t. God listens, and He knows the things that we truly desire, but He also only does what’s best for us. He is constantly looking out for our best interest.


    When we stop focusing on what could’ve been and start focusing on what is yet to come, that’s when we start to realize that what God has in store for us is so much better than our hopes and dreams. Instead of asking “why?” start asking “what’s next, God?” Start looking to God see what He has planned for you next, rather than sulking about what didn’t happen. While you may not be able to see the full picture or understand why things turned out differently than you planned, God knows what He is doing and His plan is so much bigger.


    Three ways I cope with disappointment:


    1.) Count your blessings! Y’all, when you focus on all your blessings, your disappointments begin to seem insignificant. By having a grateful heart and focusing on the good, the good gets even better.


    2.) Spend time with God. Give it all to Him. The more time you spend with God and in your Bible, the more you focus on His promises. You’ll begin to see that His plan is so much bigger.


    3.) Write down the things you are disappointed by and then write down Bible verses that counteract those things.


    Life may be hard right now and there may be lots of disappointments. But God is still working. He sees your tears and He hears your prayers. He’s working everything out for good even if it doesn’t feel or look good right now. Our biggest disappointments can’t compare to the joy that’s coming. In Christ we find a hope that never disappoints. ✨


  • Happy Friday, Y'all

    ↠ Matthew 11:28 has been on my heart the past couple days.

    “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 🌿


    Sometimes we get so caught up in this crazy thing called life that we forget to take a moment to rest + just be.


    However, I think that often times, people focus more on physical or mental rest like watching your fave movie, running a hot bath, taking a nap, etc.


    And while these things are enjoyable + may give rest to a certain extent, you still won’t find the spiritual rest you need. because the rest you desperately need can’t be found in a tv show or a hobby.


    The rest you are longing for can only be found in Christ. He says it clearly in the Bible. come to ME and I will give you rest. He doesn’t say come to your tv or come to your bed and they will give you rest. If you continue to go to the world for rest, you are always going to feel worn down, stressed, and exhausted.


    God is waiting for us with open arms. He wants us to run to Him when all seems lost + we are feeling overwhelmed. He tells us to go to Him when we are feeling burned out. Yet so often we continue to run ourselves ragged telling ourselves that we will be fine as we are holding on by a thread.


    When we finally go to Christ, that’s when we find the peace, comfort, and rest we need. We are able to become refreshed + rejuvenated.


    Praying you find encouragement in this sweet truth today.


    Love y’all. Happy Friday! 💛


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