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As Resurrection Sunday approaches, it's prime time to read of the life of Jesus and all that led up to His crucifixion.  All four of the gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, present a different view, or aspect of the life of Jesus Christ.  As you prepare for this season,  you may want to give them a read.  Perhaps to better understand the paradox of His life, so simply begun in a manger, ending humbly on a cross, yet full of power and strength. 

While here on earth, it confounded the wise that a mere carpenter's son could have such knowledge and understanding, especially at such an early age, and He grew in favor with God and man.

As an adult He spent the last three years of His life performing miracle after miracle, giving us a sampling of the power He had through the Holy Spirit. He healed the lame, the blind and the soul sick.  He cast out demons.  He healed a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve long years, that no one else could help, but in faith she reached out and touched just the hem of His robe, and was healed.  She didn't touch Him, just His garment, and instantly, the hemorrhage that had made her unclean for many long years, stopped.   It wasn't the fabric that had healing power, no, Jesus said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace." (Luke 8:48)

I'm struck by the bit of faith she had, and though Jesus, in His humanity, was unaware she was there, God, in His omniscience and infinite power knew her need, saw her faith, and brought life-changing healing. 

If you're looking for a life-change, He's aware, He's faithful, and it doesn't matter how unclean you've been, His Spirit can change that in an instant, as He did for this woman. All it requires is for you to reach toward Him in faith.

As you explore the pages on this website I pray you'll find encouragement and help; that God would bless you with healing from everything that would separate you from having the life He's planned for you, so you too, may go in peace.

Philippians Bible Study

This 280 pg. workbook provides an in-depth Bible study of the book of Philippians.  Consisting of personal study time, five days a week for ten weeks, the workbook makes it possible to work at your own pace, or grab a girlfriend or two to work through it together.  Perhaps your church's ladies ministry would even choose to use this study, and meet weekly for discussion time. 

In the letter, we find the Apostle Paul saying, "Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice!"  This study will show how it's possible to have joy even when we don't understand the what, when, why, or how of a situation (and isn't life always full of situations?)  See how the Apostle Paul unlocks the secret of living in contentment and joy.  It's our prayer that it won't be long before you, too, are Finding His Joy.

This study is available through Amazon.  $17.99


God's word never ceases to amaze me.  It seems new each time I read it.  He teaches me things as I read its pages, these Devotionals are part of that process.  I hope you find them encouraging, convicting, and thought provoking.  His word certainly does that for me.  

Grace to Joy

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