What is a Devotional.  It comes from the word DEVOTE:  Dedicate. Committed.  Set apart to God.  Hold fast to.  Endure in.  Stand perpetually ready.  persevere in.  To associate closely with.  To attach oneself to.  Be Loyal to.   

And, on and on, each definition, in its various form, calls us to an action.  In this case, we are called to the act of dedicating ourselves to apply what we've read in God's word.  To associate closely with it. 

How sweet it is to spend time in His word.  But if it only lasts for that moment, what good is it?  Carry His words into your day, and begin to be transformed by it.  That's my prayer for you, and for myself. 

Grace to Joy

Encouraging women to know the grace of God and experience His joy!