Devotional comes from the word DEVOTE. It means Dedicate. Committed.  Set apart to God.  Hold fast to.  Endure in.  Stand perpetually ready.  persevere in.  To associate closely with.  To attach oneself to.  Be Loyal to.   

And, on and on, each definition, in its various form, calls us to an action.  In this case, we are called to the act of dedicating ourselves to apply what we've read in God's word. To associate closely with it. 

How sweet it is to spend time in His word.  But if it only lasts for that moment, what good is it?  Carry His words into your day and begin to be transformed by it.  That's my prayer for you, and for myself as we devote our lives to God. 

  • He Will Be Your Stability

    It's been said that the greatest need for a woman is security, or stability.  It seems a scarce commodity in this day and age.  Marriages fail, friendships fail, bank accounts fail, jobs disappear, and health can be gone in an instant.  In this world there is truly nothing completely secure. 


    As I think about how unstable life can be, I am truly convinced that the longing we have as women for security was placed there by God to draw us to Himself.  And, I am also convinced that the moment that we begin to see HIM as our security, is the moment we are free from the fear of this world's instability.


    It totally comes down to believing, having faith in His own words to us.  In Proverbs 18:10 God is called a strong tower that we can run into.  In 2 Samuel 22 we see there is none other like Him, He is our rock and a strong fortress. His word is full of verses that echo these sentiments, but today, let's take a closer look at the verses found in Isaiah 33:5-6:


    "The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high;

    He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness.

    For He shall be the stability of your times,

    A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge;

    The fear of the Lord is his treasure."

    (Isaiah 33:5-6 nasb)


    When we break these words down it provides a much better picture of the stability God provides.

    Stability - based on security.  Note where our security comes from.  Certainly not from the things of this world. No, God alone is our stability. (Ladies, take note:  God is always faithful, never changing. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Our eternal God. You can't get any more secure or stable than Him, and the fact that it's His Holy Spirit that seals us into Christ, there's no safer, securer place than in Christ.)

    •A wealth of Salvation - salvation that is based on His resources.  Jesus Christ was the only perfect sacrifice, and He supplied Himself for our salvation, there's nothing we can do to earn it, or to attain it for ourselves, He is the only one, solely able and making it available for us to accept.  It was such a costly salvation, one which we could never pay, and from His wealth of salvation He shares with any and all who will believe and trust in Him.

    •Wisdom - skill in applying knowledge.  James 1:5 tells us God gives wisdom generously and without reproach, all we have to do is ask.  It doesn't matter how many times we ask for it, or need it, He is faithful to supply it out of the wealth that He has.  But look at the definition once more, Skill in applying KNOWLEDGE.  We must keep learning what He would have us know. Open His word, and study it, so that through the knowledge of His word we can hone our skills and be wise.

    •Knowledge - as it relates to life.  Not just any knowledge, but a knowledge that provides everything we need to know to live in  way that would please Him in all respects (not only to please Him a little, but this knowledge would please Him in all respects!)  He has provided all that knowledge in His word.  If you are struggling with knowing what to do in a situation, He has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.  Ask Him. Search out what He says about it. He knows the answer before you even ask Him.


    And then look at the rest of the verse:

    •The fear - that's a reverential trust of God, His power, His ability, His character. Take a look at Who God is, revere Him as our creator, our provider, the One who will judge, the One who knows our hearts and minds.  He is intimately acquainted with all our ways. He alone is God.

    •is his treasure – it’s a deposit in the bank, we can bank on it.  When we put our trust in God as our stability, it is as good as making a deposit in our spiritual bank.  And yes, this trust account accrues interest. Our spiritual account (or level of spiritual maturity) will grow exponentially when we learn to trust God for our stability.  No longer will we have to seek our security and stability from others, or from things, or from situations.  Instead, we can rest in knowing we are safely in Christ, and have everything we need from the wealth of God Himself.


    I know life can be hard. These are unstable days that we live in. Now is the time to turn to God.  He is the stability of our times, the wealth of our salvation, offering wisdom and knowledge.  He is worthy of our trust because there is none other like Him.


    Father, Our Creator, Almighty and Holy God, Our Rock and Strong Tower, An ever-present help in times of need. You are so gracious to bless us with stability. To provide peace to quiet our minds when it feels as if we could lose it. To give us security when others may fail.  Lord, may we live in response to that tremendous grace.  May we trust You more and more as our source of stability.  Even when, especially when, we don't understand the situations in our life.  You are with us.  You will never leave us.  You are faithful and true.  Thank You.  Please bless the one reading this with knowing You deeper, and trusting You more as the days go by.   

Grace to Joy

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