Philippians: Finding His Joy

What if you could have joy even when circumstances are anything but joyful?  This ten week study of the book of Philippians reveals that its not the circumstances that make life joyful ~ it's about the Source that provides the joy, even when.  

This is a workbook consisting of 280 pages, with five days of lessons for each of the ten weeks of study. Co-Authored by Robin Bounds and Tammy Bounds, this study is based on the exegetical study of the Epistle of Philippians by Dr. Troy S. Welch. 

Work through the curriculum on your own, or grab some girlfriends to go through it together. Whichever way you choose, we hope you will be blessed and grow in the grace and knowledge of God's word as you study, Finding His Joy in the process!


~ A Bible (we use the NASB)  Any version will do for your reading and the NASB is available on many bible apps. (Logos, YouVersion, etc.)

~ The workbook ~ Philippians Finding His Joy  may be purchased on

~ A willing heart (and if that's not there some days, just be willing to pray!)

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    One of my favorite weeks of study. The beginning! The overview! Take this week to acquaint yourself with this letter, with the people, with the why, when, where, what and how of it! 

    Thanks for coming along on the journey to Finding His Joy, may you truly be blessed in the process. ~ Tammy

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    Having completed our overview of the Book of Philippians in Week One its time to slow down and take a closer look, chapter by chapter. 

    This week Robin leads us through Chapter One of Philippians, "Christ Our Life".

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    Larger than life, larger than our circumstances, larger than the woes of this world. When our perspective is changed, and when Christ is magnified above all else, we, too, can rejoice as Paul did.  So, come, "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together." Psalm 34:3

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    As we begin to look at Chapter Two of Philippians Paul wants us to understand that there are resources available to those who are IN CHRIST. Resources that we not only need but that are freely given by our Heavenly Father through His Spirit.   We will look at what it means to have the Mind of Christ and what we should do with it now that we have been given it.

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    Sometimes it seems we are getting nowhere in our walk with Christ, and no one is being effected by living for Him, but Paul shares how we are to HOLD FAST. Keep walking in this labor of love and see what God will do with it.  Be encouraged as we look at the rest of Chapter Two this week.  Our text is Philippians 2:16-30. 

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    The fine line between living righteously and living religiously is the difference between walking in fellowship with The Spirit and walking in legalism.  Paul has a warning for these believers in Philippi, and for us.  This week begins Chapter three of Philippians. 

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    Choosing wisely.  Wouldn't you admit that we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to our choices?   We give in to our sinful nature, convinced for some reason that it will be better than submitting to the Spirit's will. That will never work if we are to live up to our potential in Christ. That's the topic this week in our Week Seven study of Philippians.   

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    There's irony in Paul's letter to the Philippians.  He calls himself a bondslave of the Lord Jesus Christ at the beginning of the letter, and now, towards the end he begins talking about the fact that these believers are his joy and CROWN. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a slave being given a crown before, but Paul's assured he's receiving his.  This week we will take a short side study into the crowns that we, as believers, will someday receive from our Lord. 

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    If we are going to stand firm in our faith, if we truly want to experience God's peace,  it's going to require an ongoing conversation with our Father in heaven, submitting to His Spirit, for its only in His strength and power that we will be able to live in peace & harmony. This week we find a couple women singled out that need to be reminded of how to walk with God and each other. Maybe we need the reminder, too. 

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    Hard to believe we are on our last week of study.  As we wrap up the Book of Philippians we take a look again at the incredible mystery that contentment does not come from circumstance.  Joy does not come from happy events.  Paul's example to us is one of joy in the "even when".  We finish Chapter 4, and our study this week.  May God bless your time immensely!

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