1 Peter

I'm so excited to share with you the joy, the hope, the grace and glory of the book of  1 Peter.  

If you feel you need to grow in your relationship with Christ, this study is for you.  

If you are struggling in a current situation, this study is for you.  

If you want to have some spiritual meat to chew on, this study is for you.  

If you'd like to learn how to enjoy God's grace a little deeper, this study is for you. 

If you need hope, this study is for you.   

If you're breathing, this study is for you.

This study is in the developmental stage, but will consist of five days of homework per week for approximately 10 weeks .  

Lessons for each day will be posted as available.  Simply click on the highlighted Day for that day's lesson. 

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  • Week One

    Delving into the letter of 1 Peter, this week's homework will be an overview, as well as finding out who wrote it, to whom and what was going on in their lives.  We'll also be learning of the joy that is the right of every believer and how to live in it.   Our text this week is Ch. 1:1-9.

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  • Week Two

    From the prophecy of His coming, to the glories yet to be revealed, we move into Week Two of our study "Seeking to Know". and learning to live as sojourners.   Chapter 1:10-19

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  • Week Three

    Only our God could mastermind a plan that would save, not just one, but all who  would call upon His name.   Join us in Week Three as we look at the great plan of redemption and the One who  "appeared in these last times for the sake of you."    Chapters 1:20-2:10

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  • Week Four

    You are His beloved.  Matching our behavior to our position in Him takes a lifetime, but it begins with one choice at a time. Join us as we continue on in  Chapter 2 of 1 Peter and look at the behavior becoming  one of His own.  

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